Complaints Policy of Dock Financial S.A.

Dock Financial S.A. places a high importance on the provision of high-quality services. If, however, any person is not satisfied, the present Complaints Policy will ensure that complaints are handled in a fair and objective manner.

Definition of a complaint

In accordance with CSSF Regulation 16-07, a complaint shall mean any complaint filed with any natural or legal person falling under the prudential supervision of the CSSF to recognise a right or to redress a harm. A simple information request, reminder or other inquiry is not considered a complaint.

Complaints handling process

Complaints may be filed in English, German, French, Italian or Spanish. The complaint handling is free of charge.

The complaint shall be addressed to the Complaints Management Team by:

  • Email to; or
  • Letter to
    Dock Financial S.A.
    Complaints Operations
    110, route d’Arlon
    L-1150 Luxembourg.

The following information shall be provided to ensure a prompt handling of the complaint:

  • Identity and contact details of the complainant;
  • Reason of the complaint; and
  • Where necessary, copies of any documentation supporting the complaint.

Our Complaints Management Team is in charge of the collection and management of complaints. Each complainant will receive a confirmation of receipt of his/ her complaint (if addressed as stated above) within three (3) business days after receipt of the complaint unless the answer itself is provided to the complainant within that period. The acknowledgment of receipt will inform the complainant of:

  • the name and contact detail of the person in charge of his/ her file; and
  • the timescale to respond to the complaint.

Dock Financial S.A.’s communication will be drafted in the same language as chosen by the complainant, provided it is one of the languages as stated above. Otherwise, the person in charge of the file will communicate in English.

Our Complaints Management Team will, in principle, answer to the complainant by writing within one (1) month of receiving the complaint. If the complaint cannot be resolved within one (1) month, the complainant will be informed by the Complaints Management Team of (i) the reasons why the issue remains unresolved, (ii) the steps to be taken to resolve the matter as well as (iii) an estimation until when the final response shall be submitted to the attention of the complainant.

Existence of the out-of-court complaint resolution at the CSSF

Where the complaint handling at the level of Dock Financial S.A. did not result in a satisfactory answer to the complainant, we would like to draw your attention to the possibility of contacting the CSSF in this regard.

The CSSF will act as an alternative dispute resolution entity in order to seek an amicable out-of-court complaint resolution regarding the disputes between the complainant and the entity. A prerequisite for the opening of the out-of-court complaint resolution procedure at the CSSF is that you have submitted the complaint – as described above – to us. If you have not received a satisfactory solution from us within one month of sending your complaint, you can submit a request opening an out-of-court complaint resolution procedure directly to the CSSF.

You can contact the CSSF either by filling in the CSSF’s online complaint form, by mail (CSSF, Département Juridique CC, 283, route d’Arlon, L-2991 Luxembourg), fax ((+352) 26 25 1 2601) or by E-mail (

Further information can be found on the CSSF’s website using the following link: